A dog daycare facility provides a safe place for your dog to exercise, spend time and get the companionship of other dogs during your busy days. With the popularity of dog daycares, many people are getting into the trend, and there is a wide range of styles and options available. Although it is a good thing, it can be challenging to choose the right dog daycare that suits your dog’s needs. But asking some questions can help you make an informed choice.

Are the dogs grouped based on age or size?

You may be concerned about your dog’s safety at the daycare facility, so you should inquire about the grouping criterion, especially if you have a small or elderly dog. A dog daycare with separate play areas can group dogs based on their size.

While some dog daycare facilities specialize in large dogs only while others specialize in small dogs. Other facilities determine which dogs might attend based on their play style energy levels. This is an important question to determine if the dog daycare is suitable for your dog or not.

How many dogs are in every group?

You also have to know how many dogs the facility places in every group to know whether your pet can handle it. This depends on the style of the daycare. Some even allow up to forty dogs in one group, and you want to make sure they implement an appropriate ratio of staff to the number of dogs.

Also, the facility should ensure that the dogs in the groups are well-matched in terms of temperament and play styles, and there is enough room for them to play.

What s the ratio of staff to dogs?

Another vital thing to enquire about when choosing a dog daycare in Kent┬áis the ratio of staff to dogs. Ideally, there should be at least one trained dog professional for ten dogs, but if the ratio is smaller, the better. The ratio should be even smaller in high-energy playgroups to ensure that the dogs don’t hurt each other.

Do you have spay and neuter requirements?

Dog daycare facilities have spay and neuter requirements for the dogs attending the daycare. In many facilities, the minimum age requirement for spaying and neutering dogs is 6months to one year for dogs attending the playgroups. This is necessary for pack management and safety. In most cases, the facilities require non-altered dogs not to attend when they reach sexual maturity.

What are your vaccination requirements?

Every dog daycare has vaccination requirements for dogs attending the playgroups because an illness can spread quickly if one dog is ill. A reputable dog daycare will require you to show proof of vaccination for rabies, DHPP, and kennel cough. This also gives you peace knowing that your dog is safe in the facility.


Do not hesitate to make inquiries when choosing a daycare facility for your dog. It helps you make an informed choice and ensure your dog’s safety in your absence.