In Kent, as with any other city in the United States, truck accidents are a common problem. These accidents can happen anywhere–on the freeway or in a residential neighborhood–and can result in injuries and fatalities. The injuries from truck accidents can be sometimes life-altering. Therefore, it is essential to hire an injury attorney when you are injured in Kent in a truck accident.

The injuries sustained in a truck accident range from minor to fatal. For example, a serious injury from a truck accident may result in broken bones, lacerations, serious disfigurement, and permanent disability. Some truck accidents can take years to heal due to the types of injuries that are caused by the impact of the crash. If you have suffered a serious injury in Kent from a truck accident, you will need legal help if you want your damages to be compensated.

We will now see into different types of truck accidents prevalent in Kent.

  • Driver-performance related accidents

Trucks are huge vehicles with a lot of bulk. Handling this kind of vehicle requires a special skill set, as well as training and knowledge. Unfortunately, it has been proven that some truck drivers do not undergo training and skills to safely operate their vehicles. This problem is referred to as the “driver-performance related accident”. Truck drivers need to have a professional background and experience to be able to drive these vehicles with safety and safety.

  • Drowsy driving accidents

This is another dangerous problem with trucking. Driver fatigue is a common problem in the trucking world. This is why you should always make sure that your driver takes enough rest before driving, especially if they have been on the road for a long time. A fatigued driver increases the chances of an accident happening which will lead to severe injuries and fatalities.

  • Cargo-related accidents

Many cargo injuries and fatalities happen as a result of improper loading, unloading, or transporting of the cargo. A serious cargo accident can result in severe injuries, permanent disabilities, and even fatalities. For example, the weight of the cargo affects the suspension of the truck and may cause the driver to lose control over his vehicle.

  • Impaired driving accidents

A truck driver who is intoxicated is a major danger to all members of the public since he lacks the capacity to operate a vehicle safely and correctly. Therefore, motor vehicle accident lawyers in Kent will advise you to file a lawsuit against the drunk driver if you have been injured in an accident with this type of driver.